The Brewery

The brewery located in the deli building where we have our own cheesery, bakery and sausage making facility. We also have a smoke house where we cold smoke some of our meats and fish. I built this building in 2010 and with up and downstairs it is a 1000 square meters. Took 65 weeks to complete using a local builder and devoured cement at an alarming rate. The supporting walls had to be very thick as to the engineers specifications.




The Porcupine Quill Brewing Company is located in the Valley of a 1000 Hills just outside Durban, South Africa. We are located on the 1000 Hills Chefs School property and the second year advanced pastry students do a brewery course as part of their second year studies. We look out over the valley and can see the Southern Drakensberg that will be covered in snow during winter.

Brews News


East Coast Brewers is the new craft beer club formed for KwaZulu natal brewers. inaugural meeting will be held at the 1000 Hills Chefs school on the 19 October any interested home brewers please call 031 7771566 for more details


Here at the Porcupine Quill Brewing Co. we only use whole flower hops in the production of our real ales. Real beer if you like. We like to stay as close to mother nature as possible and using whole flower hops as opposed to pelleted hops is the way to do that. It is certainly… read more