African Moon

Impala Light

ABV 5% | R25.00
A light crisp beer with enough flavour and aroma to keep you guessing.


Amber Ale

ABV 6% | R25.00
In the style of an American amber ale. A lovely coppery mahogany colour. Flavours are slightly smoky with malty undertones. Well bittered.


Black Buck Bitter

ABV 7.5% | R25.00
A complex beer with six malts and mashed in at 68c to leave lots of residual sugars for mouth feel. The black malt adds a slightly burnt flavour that is complimented by four other speciality malts.


Whitetail pilsner

ABV 5%
Bohemian floor malted pilsner malt was used in the making of this crisp refreshing beer. A light bodied beer with some mild sulphur which is true to style. Nice white bubbly head with good hop flavours. An easy drinking beer.