Kalahari Gold

ABV 5.5% | R25.00
This was the very first beer we designed. A light beer being 4.5% abv with soft golden hues and a lingering after taste. The hops used were Amarillo gold for the bitterness and cascade for the flavour and aroma. The IBU’s at 29.8 make it an easy drinking beer.


Karoo Red

ABV 5.5% | R25.00
Our second beer beautifully hopped and strongly bittered at 49.4IBU’s leaves a fantastic after taste and is definitely a more beer. At 5.5% abv it packs a punch and will have hopheads clamouring for more. It has a beautiful nose and that was the responsibility of Willamette whole flower hops.




Black Dog Bitter

ABV 6% | R25.00
As the name implies designed along the lines of a traditional English bitter but very well hopped to give it loads of flavour and aroma. At 6% abv it is not for the feint hearted and with a rich deep black colour it is a beer to savour. With IBU’s at 36.5 and a final gravity of 1014 it has loads of mouth feel.


Quills Blonde Ale

ABV 4.5% | R25.00
A light easy drinking beer and at just over 4% abv the perfect companion to a Sunday lunch. Loads of cascade hops give this beer plenty of flavour and aroma.


Flat Tail Porcupine Ale

We used five different malts in this beer and also added vanilla pod from Madagascar. No beer style was followed and this beer will be different every time we make it. Nothing like a bit of experimentation.